A good lover can be so hard to find, but even when you finally couple up, your partner may not know how to rock your socks. So, welcome to the world of fantasy sex dolls, where your wildest dreams come true, and you don’t even have to cuddle when you’re done (unless you want to). 

What is a fantasy sex doll? 

A fantasy sex doll is a specially made, often customized pleasure product designed to look and feel like a real human partner. You can see examples at http://www.luvsexdollreview.com/cosplay-fantasy-sex-dolls/ They come in many shapes and sizes, with variable qualities, prices, and accessories to explore. Plus, the highest quality options also feature unique pleasure settings to ensure the most intense orgasms possible. 

DID YOU KNOW: You can get a pleasure doll that has a textured, self-heating canal for optimal realism. 

The 3 different types of fantasy sex dolls 

There are three main types of fantasy sex dolls on the sex toy market today, which is two more than there were just a few decades back. Here are your options: 

#1. Lifelike Models 

These are full-sized plastic “people” with personalities of their own. You can customize the hair, pick your favorite outfits, and bend or shape them however you please, thanks to the weighted core that acts as a makeshift skeleton. 

NOTE: The flexibility of each model depends on who makes it and how the core is constructed. 

#2. Realistic Torsos 

This option lets you enjoy all the visual and physical pleasures of a full-size doll without the legs and arms getting in your way. It’s just the bare essentials, but that doesn’t stop it from being just as realistic looking and feeling as a full-size model.  

NOTE: You can still choose your favorite lingerie to dress up the naughty parts. 

#3. Twerking Butts 

With these, you focus all of your attention on the sweet spots. There’s no room for heads, arms, or feet when you’re feeling frisky. This option lets you cut right to the chase while also enjoying some automatic movements along the way. 

NOTE: Some twerking butts also feature audio settings for enhanced experiences.  

Find a hookup from home 

Don’t waste your money on expensive dates; take notes from Lars and the Real Girl with a fantasy sex doll that’s out of this world. You get customized pleasure, instant gratification, and an opportunity to have safe sex that’s not a complete bore.